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SCHOOLS TO VISIT Miller’s Martial Arts. Korbett runs an amazing kid’s program in Kirkland, Washington. He has been a mentor of mine for the last decade. Korbett has been extremely influential in our very own Kids Program here at VBJJ. If you are near Iowa State University one of my great friends Jason Clarke and first instructors to run an academy out there. A former Army Ranger, Jason runs  an amazing academy with killer knife and empty hands self-defense from a scientist perspective. He is also a Shivworks alumni and practitioner. Mike Sanford is a high level BJJ Competitor and amazing instructor. He is Craig Douglas’ (Shivworks Founder) BJJ instructor and MMA coach! This is a great school to visit if you’re passing through southern Mississippi. Ben Eaton received his Black Belt just a mere minute or two after Scott. Ben is also a high level competitor and head instructor at our sister school on the other side of the tunnel. He and Scott have been great friends and training partners for many years. 



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